eCommerce Pro

Selling online is first nature to me…

Founder of the eCommerce agency: Prolific Zone


- Partnerships with Chinese manufacturer
- Partnership with billion-dollar retailer with over 100 locations in North America
- Partnership with a Canadian marketing agency

Serial Entrepreneur

- Founder and Owner of eCommerce agency
- Creator of 12 brands of physical products
- Host of 2 Podcasts, with over 600 episodes

Quin Amorim

Online Brand Builder

About Quin

Quin’s first online sale was in the late ’90s and in 2014 switched to Private Label, where he has since created several brands of his own, and manages several multi-million dollar accounts with his Prolific team.

Quin Amorim is an entrepreneur with a substantial history in online sales, notably on platforms like eBay and Amazon. He began his online selling journey in the late 1990s on eBay, and is recognized for pioneering an early form of the drop shipping model, which has now become widely adopted. Through his entrepreneurial journey, Quin Amorim has built a significantly successful business and career for himself from his early ambitions.

Besides selling, he also owns the Prolific Zone agency and hosts two podcasts, “QA Selling Online” and “Fail Fast Podcast,” where he shares insights about selling on Amazon FBA and online business strategies. 

Quin Speaks at Events, Podcasts, and Masterminds

What Are Quin's Favorite Topics?


Not the company name, not the business logo, not the website look… But the things that make a brand remarkable and rememberable.


Knowing what to sell, where to sell, how to sell for, and above all, how to sell on 3rd party platforms like Amazon

Quin FAvicon


Visibility of your brand and products is not easy in this era, where every single website, service, and brand is fighting for the customer’s attention. 
Out-of-the-box marketing ideas are the fastest way to success.


Thinking out of the box when it comes to private label. Remember, not everything needs to fit in a shoebox